Why_Induction_Matters_-_Pinter___Martin_PublishersWhy Induction Matters

This book is for women who are trying to make decisions about induction; or who have already decided to have an induction. It is also a great resource for those who support those women – midwives, doulas and obstetricians.

The book includes a decision making framework that can be worked through when considering whether induction is the right option for an individual/situation. It also includes a chapter on creating a birth plan for a positive induction experience.

Women’s experiences are included throughout, alongside research and clinical guidelines.

Why Induction Matters is published by Pinter & Martin and available from all the usual online book shops: Amazon; Book Depository; Booktopia; Capers Bookstore; Wordery

You can read an interview about the book on The Positive Birth Movement webpage or listen to an interview on Sprogcast podcast.