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Shoulder Dystocia: the real story

Edited and updated: May 2015 The media have been reporting on shoulder dystocia. Apparently doctors are having to attend special classes to learn how to break babies’ bones because mothers are fat, and make their babies too big. At least that’s … Continue reading

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In Celebration of the OP Baby

Edited and updated: June 2016 How many times have you heard “I had to have an epidural/c-section/ventouse/etc. because my baby was facing the wrong way”? An occipito posterior (OP) position occurs when the baby enters the pelvis facing forward with … Continue reading

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Perineal Protectors?

Edited and updated: January 2016 Perineal tearing and/or grazing is common during birth. Two thirds of women will sustain damage to their perineum during birth (AIHW 2012). You can find out more about types/grading of perineal trauma here. This post will discuss … Continue reading

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